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Message of the Seven Thunders

(Revelation 10)


December 11, 2018

3rd Day of the 10th Month 6018

Last Day of the Festival of Hanukkah


     Word from Yahuweh/Yehovah Received During November to December 2018 (9th month to 10th month 6018): In November 2018 Yahuweh/Yehovah said to me one night, “It is time to know the message of the seven thunders.”  The seven thunders in Revelation 10 are unknown, because when John was going to write down what the seven thunders say, he was told to stop, because at that time it was not yet the time to reveal the words the seven thunders spoke.  So I was surprised when Yahuweh/Yehovah told me that it was time to know what they say, because I had not thought about the seven thunders for many, many years nor cared to study the seven thunders either, since there is nothing recorded in the book of Revelation to know anything about them.

     Then Yahuweh/Yehovah continued to say, “The seven thunders are my pouring out of my Spirit on all flesh.”  Then he told me, “The first thunder is healing.”  Over the course of several weeks Yahuweh/Yehovah slowly began to speak the following words to me as I waited for whenever he wished to reveal more, until his word was finished on the 3rd day of the 10th month of 6018, the last day of Hanukkah, on December 11, 2018.  During those weeks Yahuweh/Yehovah said, “The second thunder is love.  The third thunder is habitation.  The fourth thunder is set-apartness.  The fifth thunder is restitution.  The sixth thunder is foundation.  The seventh thunder is eternal living.”

     After Yahuweh/Yehovah spoke these series of words to me, he then said, “The seven thunders are for the restoration of man.  They are to re-create man into his original self.”  And through November and into December, ending on December 11, Yahuweh/Yehovah spoke the following words.


The Word of Yahuweh/Yehovah -

     “The message of the first thunder: I am coming with healing in the wing of my garments to heal the nations.  I am coming to make straight the paths of the righteous and to restore the paths of the wicked unto justice and eternal life.  This is for the restoration of men into my perfect image.”

     “The message of the second thunder: I am coming with liquid love to pour out on all the earth.  This is for the restoration of men’s hearts.”

     “The message of the third thunder: I am coming to inhabit the earth together with men, and to inhabit men’s hearts in the eternal new heavens and new earth.  This is for the restoration of men’s minds.”

     “The message of the fourth thunder: I am coming to set my people apart.  They have been lost in darkness, stumbling in search of the light of life.  This is for the cleaning of my bride to be ready for the dawn of eternity.”

     “The message of the fifth thunder: I am coming with restitution to restore the lost to faith in the truth.  This is for the restoration of men into who I originally created them to be with me.”

     “The message of the sixth thunder: I am coming to restore the foundation of truth in the nations.  The light has come in preparation for the filling of men with my Spirit.  This is to restore the spirits of men with eyes to see and ears to hear my word.”

     “The message of the seventh thunder: I am coming to replace the menorah of my seven breaths within the nostrils of men, resurrecting them back to life.  This is for the restoration of the breath of life within men’s bodies, to change them into eternal vessels.”


Words of Yahuweh/Yehovah received and recorded by Miner Perkins November through December 2018

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