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Calculating the Last Seven of Daniel's Seventy Sevens

שָׁבֻעִים שִׁבְעִים נֶחְתַּךְ עַל עַמְּךָ וְעַל עִיר קָדְשֶׁךָ לְכַלֵּא הַפֶּשַׁע ולחתם חטאות וּלְכַפֵּר עָוֹן וּלְהָבִיא צֶדֶק עֹלָמִים וְלַחְתֹּם חָזוֹן וְנָבִיא וְלִמְשֹׁחַ קֹדֶשׁ קָדָשִׁים

Seventy sevens are decreed upon your people and upon your set-apart city to restrain rebellion, and to seal sin, and to cover evil, and to bring eternal righteousness, and to seal vision and prophet, and to anoint the

set-apart of set-aparts.

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A simplified explanation of the prophecy given to Daniel in the year 521 B.C.E. of 70 sevens cut out in time for his people and his city.

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     I was content to just settle down and do genealogy for the rest of my life.  It is something I found I could still do around my adrenal fatigue and recurring weakness after contracting West Nile virus.  So I was all set to resume living after so many difficult years of trying to keep my health stable, when suddenly I began getting sick again with a West Nile relapse and more fatigue problems.  I just kept getting sicker and sicker and could not find anything that would help reverse it again.  I had to stop everything that I was doing and completely stop every part of my routine, as I was not sure that I would live through the relapse this time. 

     Yahuweh/Yehovah miraculously provided the way for me to be able to recover again and somewhat strengthen, but it was while I was forced to stop everything that I began wondering if it were possible to really prove the dates surrounding the fulfillment of Daniel’s 70 sevens prophecy from the command to rebuild Jerusalem to when Yeshua came, and if it might still apply to a future fulfillment of 70 sevens related to Yeshua’s return.  But to do this I first had to find out if there was any way in Scripture to prove the accuracy of the dates recorded in Scripture from the creation of Adam to Yeshua’s coming and to discover if there is any way to be able to accurately count up the years recorded from the creation of Adam to the present day. 

     In a year’s time I had discovered that the years and dates in Scripture can be proven within the record of Scripture itself that at least those who were originally recording the dates were writing extremely precise year dates that are each accurate to the exact year they record, and I had compiled all of this evidence and data I had found into what became the book Calculating the Last Seven.  And I also discovered that the dates recorded in Scripture during the reigns of the various empires over Israel up to Yeshua’s ministry can be calculated with an equal amount of precision to exact years thanks to modern archaeology discovering ancient calendar and astronomical records that line up all of the years to exact, precise dates in history for at least the Babylonian and Persian Empires, and the majority of the Greek and Roman Empires, with only a few dates that have a 1 or 2 year discrepancy in them in records. 

     Then I was finally able to work on Daniel’s prophecy of 70 sevens with the knowledge of the accuracy of the dates recorded in Scripture for the commands to rebuild Jerusalem.  In the same way Israel did not observe 70 shemittah years of Sabbath rest every seventh year, the prophecy of 70 sevens is a multiplication of 70 seven times or 70 shemittah years without Jubilees, that in the end total 490 years.  It was while trying to work out discrepancies and contradictions in records for Yeshua’s ministry and birth that I stumbled across a lot of interesting countings of dates of connected events in Scripture that tie in together into a perfect counting of sevens.  Logically the dates of events in history should all be random, yet there kept coming up more and more events happening on dates that fit into perfect patterns of sevens, such as the year date of the birth of Jacob, who was the first one to be called Israel and from whom the nation received its name, lined up in perfect sevens with the year date that the nation of Israel was first founded when Joshua and the nation first crossed the Jordan river and took the land, which lined up in perfect sevens with the year date that the nation of Israel was divided in half into two kingdoms, which lined up in perfect sevens with the year date when Israel was founded again for a second time in 1948. 

     But primarily the search was for dates in history that pertained to Daniel’s 70 sevens, and it was during this search that I saw there is a counting of 62 sevens and 7 sevens that line up from commands to rebuild Jerusalem in about 1534-1535 and 1968, which come together in the year 2017.  And when I saw that Daniel’s prophecy in Scripture is predicting that the year 2017 is a completion of 62 sevens and 7 sevens exactly as the prophecy requires, and predicting that 2017 was the start of a counting of a 70th seven, a 1 seven, from a command to rebuild Jerusalem, as the prophecy requires, I could not believe that Daniel could be predicting such a thing, especially when there were many other dates that all began lining up into the year 2017 as well. 

     One after another as I laid out each counting of time according to various prophecies and instructions in Scripture, they all kept colliding into the same year of 2017 (documented in Calculating the Last Seven) resulting in a time event of counting of dates in prophecies that can never be repeated again simultaneously together for all eternity.  But the most important thing was still the fact that Daniel’s prophecy of 70 sevens had already been in process of happening in some form since about 1534-1535.  In 2017 there was a fulfillment of a counting of 62 sevens (434 years) and 7 sevens (49 years) in the exact counting that Daniel had predicted would take place from commands to rebuild Jerusalem.  And the fact still remains that this is the first time in all of history that this counting of 62 sevens and 7 sevens has happened from commands to rebuild Jerusalem.  Not even when Yeshua came the first time was there such a precise counting of 62 and 7 separated so perfectly.  The first time he came from all available records there is only a total of 69 sevens (62+7) that can be found up to when Yeshua began his ministry.

     The first time that Yeshua came he only fulfilled part of the 70 sevens prophecy.  A portion of the ending of the prophecy never happened at that time, including a disgusting idol desolating for ½ of 1 seven.  If there is now a 62 sevens and 7 sevens taking place in fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy, then shockingly Daniel is predicting that in 7 years from 2017 there will be an ending of sin, a beginning of eternal righteousness, a sealing of vision and prophet, and an anointing of the set-apart of set-aparts, whatever that means.  I was shocked to discover that Daniel could be making such a prediction and claim, and I realized that I needed to document it all in the book Calculating the Last Seven since throughout the year 2017 it appeared that everyone was generally ignoring Daniel’s prophecy actually happening in the reality of the real world.  Instead of investigating to find out what part of Daniel’s 70 sevens prophecy was actually happening, and attempting to discover what the correct interpretation of this prophecy might be in the light of it happening in reality, most appeared to be ignoring it, throwing it out as either a mistake fulfillment or a false fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy of 70 sevens, throwing out the prophecy of Daniel itself instead of throwing out the old interpretations of Daniel’s prophecy in order to find out the real interpretation according to the reality of it happening in real life.

     Then I began to discover events and prophetic visions, dreams, and words that believers in Yeshua were receiving from all over the world that confirmed and matched the dates that Daniel was predicting would happen for 1 seven of years from 2017.  One after another they all lined up together with perfect precision, not one contradiction between them.  So I realized that I was responsible to get all of it documented together, recording the dates exactly as they happened and lined up, but having no control over the dates myself.  I knew that I had to just faithfully record all of the dates exactly as they lined up in perfect precision in their predictions even if I did not agree with them, so that people would have truthful data to use in their own analyzing and interpreting of what is happening, and hopefully be able to come up with more information to have an even more accurate analysis of what Daniel is predicting will happen during the years of 2017 to 2024.

     Originally I was going to hide it all and keep it a secret, but as everything kept coming together more and more with perfect precision I knew that I could have a lot of blood on my hands if I did not at least make all of my research available publicly in some form.  And of course that is all that it is, is research and compiling the data of the reality of what is happening in real life.  Everybody is free to interpret all of that reality any way they want to, and perhaps someone will come up with a better way of understanding and interpreting everything that I have been able to discover so far.  And I only included the seals of Revelation because I had been holding onto it in my heart and in my thoughts for 15 years already, and I knew that I had better at least get it written out in some form in case I could have blood on my hands later for not sharing it.

     All of this was only one part of what I was discovering in research.  I had also been studying the prophecies of Yeshua’s first coming and for a while had been trying to understand how everyone at that time could have missed all of those prophecies happening right in front of them.  Even the disciples missing or rejecting everything as it happened right before their eyes.  And it resulted in the following lesson learned from the first time Yeshua came and fulfilled prophecy with perfect precision, but in completely different ways that no one had ever thought of or imagined before.

     When Yeshua came, he interpreted prophecy in completely different ways than anyone had ever interpreted it before, and then he fulfilled the prophecies according to his own interpretation of them.  One of the most fascinating prophecies in Scripture is Jonah 1:17.  Jonah was in the stomach of a sea creature for 3 days and 3 nights, and just looking at it there is no way to even be able to tell that this is a prophecy.  When Yeshua came there is no record that anyone at that time had even figured out that this was a prophecy.  Yet Yeshua not only fulfilled this verse as a prophecy, he even interpreted it in his own way, not following any rules for interpreting prophecy.  There is no indication anywhere in Scripture that a fish stomach is symbolic of a grave, and yet Yeshua interpreted a fish stomach as being a prophetic symbol of a literal grave.  And then Yeshua fulfilled this prophecy by being in a grave inside of the earth for a literal 3 days and 3 nights.  

     This prophecy in Jonah is in fact the only prophecy in all of Scripture about Yeshua being in the grave, inside of an enclosed, room-like chamber in the earth for 3 days and 3 nights just as Jonah was in an enclosed chamber inside of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights.  But there is nothing in Scripture that indicates that a grave is a proper interpretation for the fish’s stomach in Jonah 1:17.  This is an example of a prophecy that there was no way to know the correct way to interpret it until it had already been fulfilled in reality.

     Another example is the prophecy of Hosea 11:1, where Yahuweh/Yehovah says that he called his son out of Egypt.  There is no record I know of that indicates that anyone had figured out that this was a prophecy about the Messiah going to Egypt and then leaving Egypt to go back to live in Israel.  And even then there is no indication in this prophecy that the Messiah would have to literally go to the actual country of Egypt.  Why could Yeshua not have fulfilled this prophecy symbolically too like the prophecy about the fish’s stomach?  Egypt could have just been a symbol for the Roman Empire at that time, like Egypt had been an empire at one time, and he could have symbolically left Egypt by leaving outside of the Roman Empire.  But this prophecy was fulfilled with the literal Egypt without any symbolism.  And it is another example of a prophecy that no one had figured out how to interpret correctly before Yeshua came and fulfilled it.

     Another example is the prophecy of Rachel weeping for her children in Jeremiah 31:15.  There is again no record that anyone had figured out that this prophecy was about children being killed at the Messiah’s birth in the town where Rachel was buried, in the town of Bethlehem according to Genesis 35:16-20.  Jeremiah 31 is a prophecy about all of the tribes of Israel coming back to live in the land of Israel in the latter days, and there is no indication that this verse is a prophecy pertaining to the Messiah.  Later on in the same prophecy there is the prophecy about Yahuweh/Yehovah making a new covenant with all of the tribes of Israel and Judah, but the prophecy of Rachel weeping for her children is situated in the middle of Ephrayim returning to the land, not anywhere near the new covenant part of the prophecy. 

     And there is no indication whether or not this is speaking of Rachel crying literally or as a symbol for something else.  It was not until Herod gave the order for the children to be killed in the town of Bethlehem where Rachel was buried while giving birth to her son Benjamin that the prophecy could be understood on multiple layers.  The mothers of the children who were killed wept there in Bethlehem, and there was a symbolic crying of Rachel for her children, since it is conceivable that some of those children who were killed were direct descendants of her son Benjamin, in the very place of Bethlehem where Benjamin was born.  This is another prophecy that no one figured out the correct interpretation for until after it was fulfilled, and it was fulfilled with a mixing of symbolic and literal interpretation simultaneously.  It was literally in Bethlehem at Rachel’s grave with Rachel crying as the symbol for literal women crying for their children.

     Again, Yeshua interpreted his body as the Temple that he would build according to the prophecy of Zechariah 6:11-13.  At the time that Yeshua came the Tanak (Old Testament) were the only Scriptures available and there was no indication from the Tanak that a temple could be properly interpreted as a human body.  There is lots in the New Testament about temples being symbols for bodies, but that is only because Yeshua interpreted it that way.  Before Yeshua came there was no indication that a temple is symbolic for a body.  And there is no clear indication in Zechariah 6:11-13 that the Temple the Messiah would build as the Man who is the Branch would be a body instead of a literal Temple.  Yet Yeshua interpreted this Temple in Zechariah 6 as the male body that he was inhabiting and dwelling in.  And then he first destroyed his body by letting it be killed and rebuilt his body again into a brand new body 3 days and 3 nights later when he rose from the dead.

     No one at that time had figured out that the Temple the Messiah builds in Zechariah 6 was just symbolic for his physical, earthly body that would die and then he would rebuild again back to life to a brand new body.  And Yeshua as the Man whose Name is the Branch fulfilled this prophecy literally by having the body of a man and symbolically by having his male body be killed and rebuilt.  He could have fulfilled this prophecy by being just a symbolic man who built a literal Temple, but instead he was a literal man who built a symbolic Temple.  And once again there is no record of anyone figuring out the correct interpretation for this prophecy ahead of time until after it was fulfilled in the natural world of reality.  And there was no one who had figured out that Yehoshua the high priest with the crown of a king was symbolic for the Messiah who would come with the name of Yeshua (the short form of Yehoshua) as the High Priest King.  Yeshua fulfilled this prophecy literally, with the literal name of Yeshua and as a literal High Priest King, but Yehoshua the high priest at that time was only a symbol for the Messiah; that Yehoshua the high priest living at that time did not literally come as the Messiah himself.  It is possible that some may have figured out ahead of time that Yehoshua was acting as a symbol for a future fulfillment of the Messiah as a High Priest or King, but according to what is known from available records, no one figured out that the Messiah’s name would literally be Yeshua in fulfillment of this prophecy.

     And again, the prophecy in Isaiah 11:1 about the Messiah being a sprout from the stump of Jesse, had been partially interpreted correctly, that the Messiah would be a descendant of Jesse.  And of course Yeshua did not fulfill this prophecy as a literal sprout that came up as a plant out of the ground.  But no one had figured out that this prophecy was symbolic for the Messiah as a descendant of Jesse growing up as a child, as a sprout (in Hebrew called netser) in the town of Natsareth, Natsareth נצרת being a feminine form of the same Hebrew word netser נצר in the Isaiah 11:1 prophecy.  This prophecy was in fact missed so entirely that in John 1:46 Nathanael famously asks the question if anything good can come out of Natsareth.  And yet all along there was a prophecy in Isaiah that the Messiah would grow up as a child into an adult in the town of Natsareth, a town that did not even exist when Isaiah wrote the prophecy.  And all that time everyone should have been looking for the Messiah to grow up in Natsareth after being born in Bethlehem, and yet no one interpreted the prophecy correctly beforehand to be able to see it.  Yeshua interpreted the prophecy of Isaiah to mean that he would grow up like a netser in the town of Natsareth, and he fulfilled it that way.

     One of the big ones of course is the prophecy of the Passover lamb in Exodus 12-13.  There is no record I know of that anyone had figured out before Yeshua came that the Messiah would be killed as the Passover Lamb.  This is a prophecy that everyone should have figured out, because of Isaiah 53 that clearly says the Messiah will be killed as a symbolic lamb for the forgiveness and cleansing of sins.  It says it right there that the Messiah will be a symbolic Passover Lamb in fulfillment of the feast of Passover, but at the time no one had figured out that interpretation of Isaiah 53.  Yeshua interpreted Isaiah 53 to mean that he himself as the Messiah would have to be killed on the day of Passover as the lamb that cleanses the sins of the world, and he fulfilled it according to that interpretation.  But even with this obvious interpretation of Isaiah 53 referring to the Messiah as a symbolic Passover Lamb, there is no record of anyone figuring out this correct interpretation of Isaiah 53 before Yeshua came.  No one had even figured out at that point that Yahuweh/Yehovah’s festivals he instructed in the Torah were all prophecies that the Messiah would fulfill.  Thus this is another prophecy that no one had figured out the correct interpretation for even when it was clearly laid out in Scripture.

     These are only a few examples of the prophecies which no one figured out the correct interpretation for ahead of time before Yeshua came.  It was not until after Yeshua fulfilled them according to his own interpretation of Scripture that the correct interpretation and correct fulfillment could be seen.  There were in fact few prophecies that the people at that time had right.  They knew that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem as a direct descendant of David, and would be a king or priest or servant in some form, with some type of suffering and reigning involved.  There were a few other details in some of the prophecies they had generally figured out, but there was not much else that they had interpreted correctly before Yeshua came and fulfilled all of the prophecies with perfect precision, just with a different interpretation than anyone had thought of up to that time.

     The first time Yeshua came as God himself in the flesh he fulfilled all of the prophecies according to his own interpretation of them because he is God, and he did not follow any rules of interpretation.  When he comes again he will fulfill and cause to be fulfilled all of the prophecies according to his own interpretation of them again.  The first time Yeshua came the majority of the prophecies he fulfilled no one had figured out the correct interpretation for them ahead of time before he came.  And again when he returns, no one will have figured out the correct interpretation for the majority of the prophecies he will fulfill as current events and news stories at the time of his coming.  When Yeshua came and the prophecies were fulfilled according to a different interpretation from the interpretations that the people had been watching for at the time, most rejected the fulfillment of the prophecies in favor of holding onto their interpretations of prophecy that were familiar to them.  The only way to ensure not missing the fulfillment of a prophecy is by recognizing the many multiple possible interpretations of a prophecy and accepting whichever interpretation Yahuweh/Yehovah decides to use when he fulfills a prophecy in the real world.

     Yeshua’s disciples interpreted the prophecies in Scripture according to their actual fulfillment in the current events that were happening in their day; but only after they had missed all of the prophecies happening in front of them, and then Yeshua explained to them everything that they missed.  Once again when Yeshua returns there will be no way to know the correct interpretation of a prophecy until after it has already been fulfilled, which means that it will require diligence and getting into quiet places without distraction to listen to Yeshua in order to recognize the actual fulfillment of prophecies in the reality of the natural world when he returns. 

     The lesson learned from this is that the only ones who were able to recognize when the prophecies were fulfilled at the time were those who were willing to interpret prophecy according to the current events and news of the day that they were living in.  Only those who looked at the current events and the news at that time, and then interpreted those current events as the fulfillment of prophecy, were able to recognize that the Messiah had come, and even then they had to have Yeshua’s help to see it.  And then when a current event was a perfect match to every word in a prophecy, it was a fulfillment of it.  Those who failed to interpret the current events happening in their day missed the fulfillments of the prophecies when they happened, and did not recognize the Messiah when he came.

     We take the New Testament for granted now, but we forget that the entire New Testament is based upon Yeshua’s interpretations of the Tanak (Old Testament) prophecies, interpretations that did not follow any of the rules of prophecy at that time, and were completely new and different interpretations that no one had ever thought of before.  And if he surprised everyone with different interpretations the first time he came, he is going to surprise everyone again with interpretations of prophecy that no one has ever even thought of when he returns. 

     After analyzing Yeshua’s first coming and discovering that there really is no way to know for certain exactly how a prophecy will happen before it happens beyond just a few generalities, that is when I began to realize that when Yeshua returns the prophecies are going to happen again in ways that no one is ready for or will recognize right away.  I had always thought that even though almost everybody missed Yeshua’s first coming and the prophecies being fulfilled at that time until after they were all done, surely when Yeshua returns it will be such a huge event that no one on planet earth will miss the prophecies being fulfilled, and everyone will recognize that he is about to return.  But then as I studied prophecy more closely, throughout the parables in Matthew and throughout Revelation Yeshua promises his coming to be stealthy as a thief in the night and as a complete surprise exactly the way he came the first time.  He only promises (as also shown in 1 Thessalonians) that only his followers who are watching and keeping themselves continually prepared for the wedding will know ahead of time that he is coming and will not be surprised by it.  But even then he does not promise that his followers will be able to recognize or know or even be able to be in the right place to physically see all of the prophecies being fulfilled before he returns. 

     And it was in the realization of how again it would be so easy to miss and not recognize the prophecies happening before Yeshua’s return that I humbled myself before Yahuweh/Yehovah and told him that I would accept his fulfillment of his prophecies in any way that he would fulfill them, even if they did not fit my or anyone else’s interpretations of those prophecies.  And that is when Yahuweh/Yehovah began leading me across more and more pieces of information and discoveries showing pieces of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and elsewhere beginning to happen in part or in process, such as Daniel’s 70 sevens.  And I began to see people ignoring these things happening, not paying attention the same way that people were not paying attention the first time that Yeshua came, watching the same pattern begin to play out all over again. 

     It is fine to try to imagine in the imagination of the mind all of the possible fulfillments that a prophecy might have, but the reality of a prophecy actually happening is always different from the imagination of it.  And so far every time that Yahuweh/Yehovah has led me to an event that fits perfectly into every word of a particular prophecy, it has never happened the way that I had interpreted that prophecy.  I had all sorts of romanticized interpretations that I had come up with, but so far every time an event takes place that fulfills every word of a particular prophecy, it is never how I wanted the prophecy to happen.  I made the deal with Yahuweh/Yehovah though, that even if a prophecy did not happen how I wanted it to, if it fit the criteria of every word in the prophecy, and if it had Yahuweh/Yehovah’s signature of who he is in its fulfillment, I would accept his interpretation and fulfillment of it.

     The interesting thing about the majority of the prophecies Yeshua fulfilled is that most of them are no more than one or two sentences in length, and most of them are only a single, small part of a much larger prophecy.  Most of the prophecies he only fulfilled in bits and pieces, leaving large parts of the prophecies unfulfilled.  There are other prophecies like this too that have only been fulfilled in pieces at a time in history.  Antiochus Epiphanes was the partial fulfillment of some pieces of prophecy in Daniel 8 and 11. 

     Alexander the Great led Yavan (Greece) as a male goat from the west with one horn that went with speed to the ram with the two horns of Media and Peres (Persia), destroying the Media Persia Empire.  Then Alexander the Great as the founder and first king of the Greek Empire died shortly after, and after him his Greek Empire was divided up into 4 separate horns or empires with 4 different rulers.  And from one of these 4 empires, from the Seleucid Empire, Antiochus Epiphanes arose as a little horn, becoming great but not of his own power.  His father Antiochus III as a king in the north was the one to expand the Seleucid Empire to the south, east, and into the land of Israel.  And he came as a king from the north attacking the king of the south, the Ptolemy Empire inhabiting Egypt.  He almost overcame Egypt, but failed in the end.  Antiochus Epiphanes continued this attack of Egypt and also failed to completely overcome the Ptolemy Empire of the south in the end.  He also was never able to take control of the nations of Edom, Ammon, and Moab (modern day Jordan).  A Roman ambassador then came (probably by ship) from Kittim (Kittim in Hebrew referring to all of the seafaring peoples of the islands and coastlands of Mediterranean Europe) and frightened Antiochus away from his campaign in Egypt in the south to return to Israel.  Then when Antiochus Epiphanes returned to Israel in a rage, his armies placed an abomination idol desolating at the set-apart place of the Second Temple for 3 years (not quite fulfilling the full 1,290 days in Daniel’s prophecy) and caused pigs to be sacrificed on the altar in place of the continual sacrifices.  And he entered Jerusalem to place the abomination idol by using flattery and deceit as recorded in Maccabees, the Jewish people letting him come right into the city peacefully at first.  And Antiochus even tried to set himself up as a god in Israel and force the Jewish people to worship Greek gods.  And during his war against the Maccabean revolt he heard the disturbing reports of his empire being attacked from the east from Parthia (instead of from the north) and from the Maccabeans in the south as they defeated his armies, he died with none to help him.

     Antiochus Epiphanes, and the Greek and Seleucid Empires, were extremely precise fulfillments of many portions of Daniel 8 and 11, down to the exact words of whole sentences and paragraphs, and resulting in the creation of the festival of Hanukkah as a shadow picture of the prophecies in Daniel.  To say that these bits and pieces of the prophecies that happened word for word at that time were not truly fulfilled would be to say that the prophecies Yeshua fulfilled in bits and pieces were not truly fulfilled.  At the same time though, since there are many portions of these prophecies in Daniel that were not fulfilled at that time, there is no way to say that those prophecies are done.  There still has to be another future fulfillment of these prophecies that will happen again in the future, until all is fulfilled. 

     The main lesson from the way that the prophecies were fulfilled by Yeshua at his first coming, and fulfilled at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, is that fulfillment of a few sentences of a prophecy cannot be ignored or passed off as no fulfillment at all.  It still has to be considered what it is, a partial fulfillment of a prophecy, and still needs to be understood and accepted for what it is.  There may be more fulfillment of that prophecy to come in the future, but there is a portion of it that still has taken place for an important prophetic reason.  And this is the reason why I still pay attention to prophetic events that happen in pieces at a time, in case they are part of a larger whole of something Yahuweh/Yehovah is doing from a bigger perspective outside of time.

     There are a few guideline parameters Yahuweh/Yehovah has provided in prophecy in order to be able to tell when a prophecy has happened, but the correct interpretation of a prophecy cannot be fully known until the prophecy has already happened in the physical dimensions of the real world.  This is because the only correct interpretation of a prophecy is the author Yahuweh/Yehovah’s interpretation of his prophecy, and even after a prophecy has happened in the real world it cannot be fully recognized without Yahuweh/Yehovah revealing his interpretation.  So in the end knowing and understanding the fulfillment of a prophecy requires having a relationship with Yahuweh/Yehovah, the one who revealed and wrote the prophecies to begin with, and requires knowing who he is in order to understand the parts of prophecies that he always consistently fulfills in the same way according to his unchanging self.  And one part of Yahuweh/Yehovah that can be counted on from looking back in the past fulfillment of prophecies is that he will always fulfill his prophecies in brilliant ways that no one has ever thought of before.

      The information and research that I have compiled together in Calculating the Last Seven and the various e-books cannot substitute relationship with Yahuweh/Yehovah.  Ultimately every person has to know Yahuweh/Yehovah for themselves (Jeremiah 31:34) and obey him in whatever he instructs them to do.  For those who know Yahuweh/Yehovah the information that I have compiled together should not change anything in their lives.  If they truly know him then they will continue seeking Yahuweh/Yehovah and his will every single day as they have already done all their lives, and continue obeying him every day on what he instructs them to do each day.  The information and research I have put together is only as a resource tool for those who are studying and researching on their own as they seek Yahuweh/Yehovah to understand the signs of the times.  And I made my research and discoveries publicly available so that I can stand before Yahuweh/Yehovah one day without any blood on my hands (Ezekiel 33) and without any regrets for failing to obey him (1 Kings 13).

                                                                                                                         Miner Perkins

     If no one was able to figure out how any of the prophecies were going to be fulfilled ahead of time the first time that Yeshua came, and were only able to figure them out after the prophecies had already been fulfilled, then why should we expect Yeshua’s second coming to be any different?  Why should any of us think that we have any of the prophecies of his second coming figured out ahead of time?  Should we not expect Yahuweh/Yehovah to again fulfill all of his prophecies at his second coming in completely different ways from how anyone has figured them or interpreted them? 

     Since we can see in the record of the Gospels that everyone missed the fulfillment of all of the prophecies the first time the Messiah Yeshua came, what lesson can be learned not to miss it all again when he returns as a thief in the night.  The problem the first time was that everyone assumed that the coming of the Messiah would be obvious, and they thought they had already figured out 'how' the prophecies would be fulfilled.  Then when the prophecies were fulfilled in a different 'how' than what they had thought, most rejected the fulfillment of the prophecies.

     The lesson learned can be summed up in this method of watching for the fulfillment of the prophecies of Yeshua's return.  The prophecies recorded in Scripture only give a few precisely defined lines as to 'what' will happen, and sometimes include an approximate 'when' the prophecy will happen according to a counting of time.  But on purpose Yahuweh/Yehovah does not include in the prophecies 'how' they will be fulfilled.  We can only know 'what' will happen, and sometimes an approximate 'when,' but there are many infinite possibilities as to 'how' they will happen.  If we just let go of the 'how' and do not even try to figure out 'how' a prophecy will be fulfilled, letting it go to be fulfilled any way that Yahuweh/Yehovah wants to fulfill it, then with this method it is much easier to see the 'what' of the prophecy when it happens. 

     Yahuweh/Yehovah on purpose as given the prophecies in such a way that we have to know him, to know him as a person and have a relationship with him in order to hear from him and receive understanding from him concerning the fulfillment of his prophecies and words.  Truth and understanding only come from Yahuweh/Yehovah, and everyone who wants to understand prophecy can only receive true understanding directly from him.  It is much easier to just relax and let Yahuweh/ Yehovah fulfill his prophecies however he wants.  But the key to recognizing prophecy is in knowing the 'who,' in knowing 'who' Yahuweh/Yehovah is.

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