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Hebrew Matthew

Transcription and Amateur Translation of Chapters of the Shem Tov Hebrew Text Preserving in an

Imperfect Form the Original Hebrew Gospel Written According to Matthew in the 1st Century C.E.

Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

     The four purest known surviving copies of the Hebrew Matthew in the Shem Tov text with the fewest assimilations to the Greek are Add. Ms. 26964 in the British Library, London; Ms. Oppenheim Add. 4° 72 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; Ms. 53 in the Talmud Tora Library, Livorno; and Ms. 3099 in the Casanatense Library, Rome.  Of these four manuscripts, the three in the libraries at London, Oxford, and Livorno are incomplete copies that end at Matthew 23:22.  The British Library manuscript in London in unity with the other three copies are able to be used as the base transcription text for Matthew up to 23:22, but after that the Casanatense Library manuscript in Rome is the only one of the purest surviving copies that preserves a complete copy all the way to the end of the book of Matthew to 28:20.  Therefore the Casanatense Library manuscript has been used as the base text for the chapters of Matthew after 23:22.  Each of the chapters are presented in their raw study state, with complete transcritions of the Hebrew showing the differences between the manuscripts and a raw, amateur English translation which anyone can check using the dictionary authority on 1st to 3rd century Hebrew by Marcus Jastrow (the Jastrow Dictionary).

Hebrew Matthew Chapter 24 with Hebrew Te
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