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What the reader will find in Calcualting the Last Seven:

Calculating the Last Seven is written for anyone who wants to calculate what time it is on Yahuweh/ Yehovah’s clock counting down his prophecies until the completion of time.

- Charts, studies, and sources of ancient calendars versus Yahuweh/Yehovah’s Calendar in the Torah


- Charts, studies, and sources of the record of calendar years counted in the history of Scripture through the nation of Israel


- Charts, studies, and sources of the record of calendar years counted in the history of the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires from the destruction of the First Temple to the destruction of Herod’s Reconstructed Temple


- Charts and studies to aid in counting and discovering the 70 sevens of Daniel’s prophecy


- Charts and studies to aid in counting and discovering the record of Yahuweh/Yehovah’s eternal Jubilee fifties from the Global Jubilee Flood reset to the present day


- Charts and studies of the Last Day prophecies of Daniel and Revelation concerning the rules of empires and the signs to know when the Last Seven is taking place

Sample Pages from the Book

Scroll left and right with the arrows to view

     In the beginning Elohim (God) created the sun and the moon, the greater and lesser lights, to be used as a calendrical clock to count days and years. (Genesis 1:14-19)  Even though modern calendars today have strayed away from the original calendar, they are all based upon ancient calendars which at one time all operated according to the movement of the earth around the sun and the moon around the earth.  The interactive video below demonstrates the basic principles as to how the ancient calendar of Yahuweh/ Yehovah works according to his instruction in the Torah.  Because a computer program is unable to simulate the aviv barley in Israel, the program itself has to run on mathematical calculations of the movements of the earth and moon in order to present a visual demonstration.  For those who wish to know more about keeping calendrical time properly according to the aviv barley check out the restoration work that has been done on the calendar at (

Press play and click on any of the numbers in the video to interact with the various parts of the clock.

The 3D Model may take a few moments to load at the beginning.

To make the clock operate, click on 6, then click on 'Static Pose' at the bottom of the screen and click on 'Take 01.'

     There is an intersection of a counting of sevens in modern times which show an upcoming fulfillment of Daniel's 70 sevens from a command to rebuild Jerusalem in 2024 to 2025.  The following charts demonstrate the counting of sevens connected with dates in the history of Jerusalem and the modern state of Israel, according to the principle laid out in the prophecy given to Daniel in chapter 9.  This subject is discussed in greater detail in Calculating the Last Seven.

- The first chart counts sevens of years from the command by Suleiman I to rebuild Jerusalem in about 1534 to 1535, and the command by the Ministerial Committee for Economic Affairs to restore and rebuild Jerusalem on September 8, 1968.

- The second chart counts sevens of weeks of the Omer from when Israel became a nation at the completion of the counting of the Omer, on the day before Shavuot on May 14, 1948.  [Discovery of Shavuot date by Michael Rood, (]

Chart 1

Counting Sevens from Commands to Rebuild Jerusalem

Chart 2

Counting Sevens from the Founding of Modern Israel

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