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Are We Living in the Days of the Great Tribulation?

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From the Cover of Are We Living in the Days of the Great Tribulation?

     Looking around at the world today it is obvious to most, if not all, Christians that none of the myths or legends or interpretations or theories or commentaries or imaginations or teachings or fictions about the End Time prophecies of Yeshua’s/Jesus’s Return are happening.  But the real question is: are any of the words themselves written down in the prophecies being fulfilled today?  In order to provide a balance to the conversation about End Time prophecy happening in the global Christian body today, this book only examines if the words actually written in the prophecies in Scripture are being fulfilled or not, without using any interpretations or myths or imaginations or commentaries or teachings that have been created around the prophecies over the last 1,900 years. 


     Do not let anyone tell you that the prophecies in Scripture are easy and quick to understand, because the size of this book is the bare minimum it took to be able to only examine the most essential and foundational End Time prophecies.  There is much that had to be left out and it would require writing volumes of books of thousands of pages to make a thorough and complete examination of all of the End Time and Messianic prophecies scattered throughout Scripture in relation to the events happening today.  The wonderful thing is that Yahuweh/Yehovah already understands all of his prophecies perfectly, and we do not have to try to understand them on our own strength; we can trust him to reveal understanding to us whenever it is his timing for us to understand, if we humble ourselves to his will.  Everyone is looking for a leader to tell them what to think and what to do, but when it comes to Yahuweh/Yehovah few listen to him and what he says to do, because he requires that we have to think for ourselves and interact with him in a relationship in order to be able to obey him and his words (both spoken and written).  It is no different in understanding prophecy where we have to have a real relationship with him, knowing him and who he is in order to understand the words he has spoken and written.


     The pitfall is trying to understand the prophecies in our own strength, or jumping to conclusions about the prophecies Yahuweh/Yehovah is giving us revelation about by corrupting his revelations with our myths and imaginations about the prophecies.  It has reached a point today in the Christian world where only the myths and imaginations about the prophecies in Scripture are taught, without ever teaching about or reading any of the words that are written in the prophecies.  Only the commentaries and traditional teachings about the prophecies are read and taught without reading the original words alone on their own, because all of the teachers and pastors are also caught in the trap of the myths right along with everyone else.  This is the same problem that the Pharisees and other sects of Judaism had before Yeshua/Jesus came the first time, with the Rabbis only teaching and believing the myths that they had created about the prophecies of the Messiah instead of only teaching the words of the prophecies themselves without adding or subtracting.  Over the course of the last 1,900 years Christianity has become the same as the Pharisees, only teaching and believing the myths and interpretations about the prophecies without ever reading the pure, original words written all alone on their own without any interpretation or imagination added onto them. 


     The root problem is that people try to use the prophecies in Scripture to predict the future, creating myths around the prophecies according to their own personal predictions of how the future will happen.  In contrast Yahuweh/Yehovah never provided the prophecies in Scripture for the purpose of giving us predictions about how the future will happen, but instead (in Isaiah 55) to reveal to us his purposes and plans he has for us when the future turns into the present and we can see that he has never wavered or changed from the same plan that he has been carrying out generation after generation for thousands of years.  It is so that we can see that he is in complete control and never changes, always in the future preparing the way and bringing about his goal for mankind even before we have arrived in the future and the future turned into our present moment we are living in.  

Mike Bickle, Thy Name is Mud
Eleven Years of Prophetic, Intercessory Dreams I have had Concerning Mike Bickle from 2011 to 2022
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