These are the generations of Yeshua, son of David, son of Avraham.  Avraham brought forth Yitschaq, and Yitschaq brought forth Ya'aqov; Ya'aqov brought forth Yehudah and his brothers.  Yehudah brought forth Perets and Zerach from Tamar.  Perets brought forth Chetsron; Chetsron brought forth Ram, and Ram brought forth Amminadav, and Amminadav brought forth Nachshon, and Nachshon brought forth Salmon.  Salmon brought forth Bo‘az from Rachav the prostitute.  Bo‘az brought forth Oved from Ruth and Oved brought forth Yishai.  Yishai brought forth David; David brought forth Shelomoh from the wife of Uriyah.  Shelomoh brought forth Rechav‘am; Rechav‘am brought forth Aviyah; Aviyah brought forth Asa; Asa brought forth Yehoshaphat; Yehoshaphat brought forth Yoram; Yoram brought forth Uzziyah; Uzziyah brought forth Yotham; Yotham brought forth Achaz; Achaz brought forth Chizqiyah; Chizqiyah brought forth Menashsheh; Menashsheh brought forth Amon; Amon brought forth Yoshiyah; Yoshiyah brought forth Yekonyah and his brothers in the exile of Bavel.  Yekonyah brought forth She’alti’el; She’alti’el brought forth Zerubbavel; Zerubbavel brought forth Avihud, and Avihud brought forth Elyaqim; Elyaqim brought forth Azor; Azor brought forth Tsadoq; Tsadoq brought forth Aqim, and Aqim brought forth Elihud, and Elihud brought forth El‘azar, and El‘azar brought forth Mattan, and Mattan brought forth Ya‘aqov, and Ya‘aqov brought forth Yoseph.  He is Yoseph the father of Miryam, mother of Yeshua, the one called Mashiach.  Matthew 1:1-17 (Pieced together translation of the Shem Tov Hebrew text of Matthew by Miner Perkins 2018) [Note: The Shem Tov Hebrew text does not contain verse 17, with only a couple of manuscript copies that added in verse 17 later from the Greek and Latin.]

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Yeshua's known ancestors recorded in Scripture through his mother Mary.
Some of the main genealogical lineages from Adam recorded in Scripture.
A more complex chart of Yeshua's ancestral lineages through his mother Mary.
Adam was actually approximately Yeshua's 82nd great-grandfather when including the unrecorded generations.
Moses was actually approximately Yeshua's 2nd cousin 60 times removed through their common ancestors Jacob and Leah when including the unrecorded generations.
Yeshua's step-father Yoseph son of Eli was actually approximately Yeshua's 38th cousin through their common ancestor David when including the unrecorded generations.  This chart demonstrates how there are a few generations missing and not recorded in Yeshua's genealogy in Matthew.
Abraham was actually approximately Yeshua's 63rd great-grandfather when including the unrecorded generations. 

Calculations of dates and generations in the following chart discussed in more detail in Calculating the Last Seven.

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Manuscripts of
Matthew 1:1-17
Manuscripts of
Matthew 1:1-17
Manuscripts of
Matthew 1:1-17

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